I do site development estimating, which includes earthwork, underground, and surface finishes (curbs, gutters, sidewalks and asphalt paving). I also do general building and construction estimating (all divisions--residential, commercial--15,000 to 15.0M). Please see my "Completed Projects' "Bidding Projects" and "Client List" tabs).

I use Earthworks/OD and ACADlt18 for the takeoffs and am able to work with PDF, TIFF and DWG files. I use Excel to generate the bids and I will configure the reports to match yours. My Excel workbook is similar to ”Heavy Bid” in that I use bid items, activities and crews.   For estimate reviews, I can use “GoToMeeting” online meeting software. Additionally, I provide a "can view" OneDrive link for all project files (please see "Bidding Projects" and "Client List" tabs).

Have you ever wanted to bid a project, but are too busy? You do not want to hire another estimator because you’re not sure of the market and time involved for hiring? I can help.

I can be especially useful—I can “pick up the ball” quickly. I work on a project by project basis. Additionally, I am available as an employee.

Should you decide that an independent estimating contractor or CM-A is a good choice and I am the right person, I will need to receive $30.00/hr. and a minimum retainer of $400.00 for my effort. Please see "Bidding Projects" tab for availability. Additionally, we will need to sign an Independent Contractor or Construction Manager-Agent (CM-A) agreement. Please find a draft copy of the agreements on the "About" tab.

I work from my boat located at Shelter Cove Marina, San Diego, CA

(photo Aug 28, 2017)


The Challenge for an estimator has always been, and even more so now,

to bid low enough to get the job and high enough to make money--the devel is in the details.