Service Provided

Independent Contract Estimator/Project Mgr:  Site Development, General Building and Construction

  1. Site visit / photos.
  2. Aerial Photography ($800.00 min charge —with min 30 day lead time).
  3. Document acquisition and review:
    1. Can work with client supplied pdf, tiff, dwg and many other digital formats.
    2. Able to convert client supplied hard copy (paper) plans to digital format as necessary—additional charge.
    3. Use a can view OneDrive link for file sharing.
  4. Earthwork takeoff (from Client provided Plans and Specifications) Includes:
    1. Erosion Control
    2. Storm water systems/detention vaults
    3.  Cut, fill, pads and trenching
    4. Surface Improvements:
      1. Curbs, gutters and sidewalks
      2. Roads
    5. Shoring/piling/Structural excavation
    6. Retaining walls/Rockeries
  5. General Building and Construction takeoffs include: rebar, concrete, framing, interior and exterior finishes, roofing
  6. Material  pricing (includes):
    1. Supplier quotes per takeoff quantities and specifications
    2. Trucking including round times
  7. Sub bid solicitation site development, general building and construction.
  8. Bid-item  detail including Activities & Crews (material, equipment, and labor)
  9. Reports fashioned to client requirements (will need sample)
  10. Bid Preparation.
  11. Bid Review (online meeting) with follow-up as necessary—submission.
  12. Project Schedule (MS Project only)
  13. Project Managemnet/Construction Manager--Agent (CM-A)