Project Photos and Descriptions

Embly ADU

Owner: Ed and Jeannine Embly

Contractor: Owner Builder

Subcontractor:Accurate Underground and Grading

Estimator/CM-A: Charley S. Snyder


Under Construction Feb 2023



Kerr Feed and Grain

Owner: Kerr Feed & Grain

Contractor: Falls Redimix

Estimator/CM-A: Charley S. Snyder

Footing, Stemwall and Slab

Completed January 2023




Owner: Private Residence

Contractor: Dryfix Services

Estimator:: Charley S. Snyder

Turn Key, 3100sf, TI Condo above the 18th floor

550 Front St San Diego CA

Completed October 2022



Elliot Rec Room

Owner: Richard & Camella Elliot

Contractor: Owner Builder

Estimator/CM-A: Charley S. Snyder

Complete Rec Rm & Garage

Completed March 2017

Project Files



Embly Residence

Owner: Ed & Jeannine Emblyl

Contractor: Owner Builder

Estimator/Purchaser:: Charley S. Snyder

Complete house

Completed September 2016

Project Files



Taco Bell Bellingham

Owner: Taco Bell

Contractor: GH Pastor/ Puget Snd Gen Carpentry

Estimator/Project Manager:: Charley S. Snyder

Framing only

Completed November 2014




Owner:Hungry Hawk Vineyards

Contractor: Owner Builder

Estimator/Purchasing Agent: Charley S. Snyder

Winery and tasting room with access road and parking.


Completed: September 2013

Photo's: Evap Pond, Fnd Ex &Frm, Concrete in prog, Concrete Competed, Building, Wtr Main Ext, Septic, Crush Pad, Framing 01, Paving,





Owner:Avalon Communities

Subcontractor:J. R. Hayes & Sons, Inc.

      Chief Estimator:  Greg Burton              

      Estimator::          Charley Snyder  



35,000 BCY Hole



Earthwork completed February 2009



Owner: First Samoa Congregational Church of Tacoma

Architect: Eysaman & Co.

Contractor: Lugo Construction

        Project Manager:              Jerry Gibbs

        Project Superintendent:     Rick Rodden

        Project Engineer:              Charley S. Snyder


4200sf wood frame with slab on grade foundation.


Completed May 2002.

Project Schedule, Submittal Register, Resume




Owner: Mooers Building Associates L.L.C.

Architect:Carlson Architects

Contractor: Lugo Construction

        Project Manager:                Jerry Gibbs

        Project Superintendent:       Scott Bowman

        Project Engineer:                Charley S. Snyder


35,000sf , 4 story steel and wood frame with concrete foundation over treated wood piling. Lot area of 23,000sf  with paved parking.


Project completed in May 2002


Additional Photo's



Owner: Sea Mar Community Health Centers, Inc.

Architect: DKA - Donald King Architects

Contractor: Lugo Construction

        Project Manager:                  Jerry Gibbs

        Project Superintendent:       Terry Emigh

        Project Engineer:                 Charley S. Snyder


12,000sf steel frame structure with tilt-up concrete exterior walls.


Project completed in April 2002



Owner: Sea Mar Community Health Centers, Inc.

Architect: DKA - Donald King Architects

Contractor: Lugo Construction

        Project Manager:                  Jerry Gibbs

        Project Superintendent:         Rick Haugen

        Project Engineer:                  Charley S. Snyder


Single story, 7,615sf structure with wood exterior framing, metal interior framing and an EIFS  exterior finish.


Project completed in February 2002



Owner: Parr Ford. (now West Hills Ford)

Architect: Architects BCRA

Contractor: Lugo Construction

     Project Manager:      Steve Foust

     Project Super't:        Jim Portmann, Chuck Morelli

     Project Engineer:     Charley S. Snyder   (thru sitework)


The project consisted of 60,455sf in 2 steel frame structures with metal exterior finish on an 11.4 acre site. The sitework included approximately 100,000cy of earthwork, a 1300lf x 40'h soil nail retaining wall and a 66" dia. x 1200' lg offsite storm sewer

Project completed in January 2002



Owner: Harry Corless

Contractor: Owner Builder.

Earthwork Sub-Cont'r: Unline Construction

   Project Manager:               Gary Sharp

   Estimator/Grade Eng'r:      Charley S. Snyder    


Earthwork  included 60,000cy of mass excavation. .




Project completed in August 1996




Owner: Wal-Mart

Contractor: CSI Colorado Structures Inc.

Earthwork Sub-Cont'r:     Unline Construction

    Project Manager:              Gary Sharp

    Estimator/Grade Eng'r:     Charley S. Snyder    


Earthwork  included 360,000cy of mass excavation with a 75'cut on a 40ac +/- site.


Project completed in 1995




Owner: Gregory and Cheryl Snyder

Contractor:               Owner Builder

Project Manager:     Charley S. Snyder    


2400sf wood frame 2 story single family residence with landscaping and LS irrigation on a 21,850sf lot


Project completed in 1995




Owner: San Francisco Fortune Property

Project Manager:        Charley S. Snyder


Formally the Oakland YMCA., a seven story steel frame, brick veneer structure. The original construction completed in 1909. During the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, the building sustained interior non-structural damage.


Photo taken 1991 by CSS



Owner: Western Commercial Partnership I

         Managing General Ptrn:        Richard Seito

         Project Manager:                  Harold Wong

Architect: ED2, Owner:                  Frank Fong.

Construction Lender:  Mercury Savings

       Vice President:                        Gerard Berens

       Manager Loan Admin.:             Charley S. Snyder

Contractor: Dillingham Construction

        Project Manager:                    Russ Gachett


14 story post-tensioned concrete, residential/commercial high rise with 150 apartments, two floors of commercial space and three levels of underground parking. 


Project completed in 1990



Owner: Theatre Associates

Construction Lender:  Mercury Savings

       Vice President:                      Gerard Berens

       Manager Loan Admin.:          Charley S. Snyder



The project consisted of the historic renovation of Dufwin Theatre. 


The exterior of the seven story building was reconditioned, but basically left original. The interior of the building was replaced with office space supported by a structural steel frame. An entrance atrium was created extending from the ground floor to the sixth floor.


Project completed in 1988



Owner: Eva L. Snyder

Builder: Charley S. Snyder


1344sf three bedroom two bath wood frame single family residence on a seven acre walnut orchard.


In addition, the project included 4,200lf of 12 wire high tension fencing and a seven stall 2000sf pipe horse barn.


Project completed in 1983



Owner:          Gregory Snyder and Dan Lumpkin

Architect:      John McGinis.

Contractor:   Snyder Construction

 Owner:                                    Gregory Snyder.

Project Superintendent:         Charley S. Snyder


5500sf residence with five levels, a centrally located rotunda and an observation deck. The structure is a wood frame pole construction with custom milled clear cedar siding. The foundation consisted of 30' cast in place concrete piers.


Project completed in 1983